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Pidato Mas Jakiem
Pre-Javanese Diaspora Event 2014 Yogyakarta - Indonesia



Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

 One of the consequences of Javanese in diaspora is that many Javanese could no longer speak Javanese. I only can speak the Jowo ngoko. Jawa alus I can understand some words but I can not speak.

Hereby I want to apologize that I can not do my speech in the boso Jowo.
The language in which I can express myself well is Dutch, but you can not understand Dutch (I think) I will do my speech in English and some times Jowo Ngoko.

The title I give to my speech is:
The journey from East Java to Yogyakarta in 116 years.

My name is Jakiem Asmowidjojo

I live in the Netherlands for 39 years, in the province of Utrecht.

I am married, I have three kids all boys and three grandchildren all boys.

I have worked at the Ministry of Defence and now I am retired. Now I work part time as a taxi driver and I transport children to special schools.

I am honored to be invited by the organization to do a speech here as administrator of the Facebook group Javanese from Suriname

In the past til today I strive to preserve Javanese culture with the knowledge and power that I have. The country where many Javanese from Suriname  live, the Netherlands, is a multicultural country.

I have visited  the Kraton here and on a stone is engraved in Dutch:
Al heb ik een uitgesproken Westerse opvoeding gehad, toch ben en blijf ik in de allereerste plaats Javaan ( uitgesproken door Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX)

Although I have had a pronounced  Western education, still I am and will remain at first and the most a Javanese. (spoken by Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX)

Now a days I will say: I have a Dutch pasport but I never will be a Dutchman.

Javanese of Suriname has a rich history of immigration : they departed from Indonesia in1890 to Suriname, a lot of them emigrated to the Netherlands and other countries of the world. In 1954,1014 Javanese returned to Indonesia on the ship Langkoeas. The Government of Indonesia ordered them to go to West Sumatra. They found there desa Tongar. On February fourth (4) this year; there was a reunion. They recall that they have departed from Suriname, 60 years ago, to begin a new life in Indonesia.

Now you can find information about the topic Javanese in diaspora by the Internet.

Today I want to take you on a journey that started in 1898 till today that I am here, in Yogyakarta.

The grandmother of my father simbah Temon , arrived in Suriname in 1898. She came from desa Mangoendikaran, near Ngandjoek in region of Kediri.
I've known her as a little boy, but I cannot remember very much of her .

The parents of my mother , I knew them well .

My grandfather simbah Katjoeng Djasiman.

His departure date from Java was februari 22, 1917. He came from desa Sentanan; department of Modjokerto

My grandmother simbah Ranti. Her departure date from Java was december 23, 1919

She came from desa Soembertjangkring, District of Penggok; department of Blitar.

The circumstances in which my grandparents lived in Suriname; were no better than the slaves. Long working hours, low wages and sometimes punishment.

They lived in the old slave houses at the plantations .

After their contract they could choose to return to Java or stay in Suriname in exchange for a sum of money and a piece of land. They had chosen to stay in Suriname

My father was born in 1918 , when he was 4 years old; his mother died.

His father left the family . So I did not know grandfather and have never seen him.  Along with his younger sister, he was raised by his grandmother. Due to the circumstances , no parents , grandparents with very little income , he could not go to school . He went to school  for only two years .

First, my parents were farmers, growing rice, cassava and vegetables. That was hard work with little income. Later he decided to work as a trader. He bought the products from the people in the village and sold it to the traders at the market.

There he bought fresh fish and make iwak malem” of it and he sold that in the village.

I and my brothers have to gather wood and smoked the fish.

I can still remember a statement from him very well till today . I was still on high school , and we had a discussion . I thought I could win from him, because he went to school only for two years.

He responded as follow .

My son, I did not go to school, so as long as I live I will never be able to catch up …. Bapak ku tak guyu.    

The university I still visit is the university of life,  he said.  And as long as I live I learn every day . You'll never catch me up while I'm alive.

A smart man my father! He was a selfmade man.
I still remember that we were  poor and after many years of hard working he owned two houses and some land. My mother ran a warung on the market is Paramaribo.

He was 71 years when he died. My mother is 83 years and still live by her self in The Netherlands.
In 1975, Suriname became independent . There was an uncertain political situation . Many Surinamese left to the Netherlands . And again it was my father with his knowledge of his university of life has made a decision for his family. He asked advice to one of his imported friends..

The queastion was: How the situation will be in Suriname after 10 years. The answer he got was this . Mister Asmo , if you have enough money , I advice you to emigrate with your Family to The Netherlands. So the whole family moved to the Netherlands. The history has repeted. Javanese has to leave their homeland to a stange country.

The situation in Suriname in 1980, is well known . The army came into the power.

Javanese in Netherlands .

Javanese people silently has integrated into Dutch society . They can handle their problems . I live in the province of Utrecht and I can see that almost all of the Suriname Javanese has a job and also have a good life .

In 1990 I started a foundation for Javanese from Suriname with some friends  . With our foundation we could help our people to find the way in Dutch society. We gave information about education, health , social affairs and housing.
To our Javanese culture , we made the necessary steps . A course Javanese language. There was a Javanese dance group and a music group that primarily played Javanese songs like Pop Jawa . This music group named Melati had a tour with Didi Kempot on his first tour through Holland.

I have asked my children what they perceived as an advantage as Javanese in the Netherlands.

They feel that the Javanese community in Utrecht is like as a strong family.

They call my friends uncle and aunt. Javanese friends are for them brothers and sisters.

Because of Facebook my interest for Java has grown . I have many friends from Java on my friends list and I chat with some of them. I have  been twice to Java on holiday . I have asked my Facebook friends who guide me that I wanted to visit the places where my grandparents came from.

I have trouble with my emotions when I tell this anecdote. Ambekan ndisik…….

I can still remember the words of my grandmother very well.
She was sitting in the shade of a mango tree, and I saw tears in her eyes. She called me and said the following words:

Lih....  Aku kerep ngimpi tanah Jawa, Kelingan wong tuwaku lan sedulurku. Saiki aku wes tuwoh lan aku ora duwe dhuwit. Aku arep takon kowe yo lih... Yen kowe bakal duwe kerjanan lan gajiyane sing akčh….. Kono tilik dessa ku biyen ning njowo. Mung iku aku arep takon kowe. Ojo lali yo….... Kowe tak pujekne waras lan sukses men biso tilik desaku.

During my holidays I have not only visit her dessa Sumber Cankring , but also the desa of my grandfather , Santanan , in Mojokerto and Mangoendikaran , near Nganjuk in Kediri .

I would also like to say this : When I arrived for the very the first time in Java , I felt like I’m comming home .

I have made ??the final step to get the circle round. From Java to Suriname, from Suriname to the Netherlands and then to Java.

Aku wong Jawa oyote ning Jawa Timur.

This morning I got a WhatApp message!
A new Website is online to day.
The website adres is www.banyumilijawainternasional.net.
The administrator is pak Reinier Kromopawiro; he is the founder of the Website BanyuMili.

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The title I give to my speech is:
The journey from East Java to Yogyakarta in 116 years.

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Disain situsweb, disain grafis, research lan
redaksi basa Jawa, Landa lan Inggris dening
bocah desa, Suriname


Situs portal www.diasporajawa.net iki urunane
BanyuMili Jawa Suriname sing nggarap babagan sejarah, basa lan budaya Jawa Suriname liwat
situsweb www.javanenvansuriname.info.
Actifitas iku diwiwiti ing taun 1990 bebarengan karo adegane Sana Budaya ing Paramaribo, Suriname.

Bocah desa, Suriname
Reinier Kromopawiro



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